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· One min read
Rahul Saxena

Convert address to uint and back

This conversion exploits the fact that addresses take up 20 bytes and so does a uint160 (20 * 8).

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

pragma solidity ^0.8.7;

// The theory behind this is that addresses take up 20 bytes in a word which is equivalent to (20*8) 160 bits and hence should be correctly casted to and from uint160.

contract AddressToUint {

address public targetAddress;
uint256 public targetUint;

function convertAddressToUint(address _targetAddress) external returns(uint256) {
targetAddress = _targetAddress;
targetUint = uint256(uint160(_targetAddress));
return targetUint;

function convertUintToAddress(uint256 _targetUint) external returns(address) {
targetUint = _targetUint;
targetAddress = address(uint160(_targetUint));
return targetAddress;


// 0xabD0127D996A468A79a0a8e88F4D419E40402e95
// 980877587572537262620952019491558306941665029781