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EVM Expressions

Hey there, I am Rahul Saxena and I am a smart contract security auditor. I provide comprehensive security audits, threat modelling and testing consults to help protocols mitigate the risks of operating in web3.

Previous Work

Clients that I have helped secured, either via private audits, audit contests or bug bounties.

Auditoor & Developoor

  • Auditing EVM smart contracts is almost a direct expression of how my mind fundamentally works, and I LOVE IT!!
  • I specialise in catching (some really extreme) edge-casey bugs in your codebase.
  • Developing native workflow modules for Inverter Network
  • Have led secure product development of a new-age lending product at Sublime called Pooled Credit Lines from the ground up


  • Led efforts for theorizing and implementing the entire testing infra for Sublime & Specular L2.
  • 12+ critical bugs & 8+ edge cases uncovered at Specular & Sublime respectively following my testing process.
  • You can listen to my presentation on testing pyschology.